BLB Service Associates, experts in relationships, is your company’s partner in relational marketing.

We all have areas of expertise and excellence. In our case, it is service, hospitality and a network cultivated over many years which expends from the shores of Lake Geneva to every major city around the globe.

We match our expertise to your needs and, together, redefine the customer relationships, to function as the ambassadors of your reputation!

By entrusting your customer experience to BLB Service Associates and by developing satisfaction, loyalty, image and reputation of your company, you will give yourself the opportunity to save tremendous effort and time on your end.

With a quickly measurable performance and ROI, the client relationship becomes a genuine investment and the promise to distinguish yourself from your competition.

Then, why wait any longer to redefine, with us, your relationships and your overall client journey ?


& Lifestyle







The signature look of BLB Service Associates is its absolute availability combined  to its ever-present adaptability and reactivity. Unconditionally reachable through your preferred communication channel, your requests are processed in real-time.

The core principle behind the success of BLB Service Associates is our open dialogue with our clients. We take ownership of every project that is entrusted to us, and therefore everything is done in-house, rather than delegating to a middle man.

As a result, the partnerships we consider arise from tailored annual subscription formulas.

Concierge & Lifestyle

We support you on a day-to-day basis, wherever you are and whatever your desires are, thus becoming the guardians of your serenity.
Your projects, your needs, your formalities, we fulfill and personalize them and give you the freedom to do whatever you like with your valuable time.

Relational Marketing

We make our expertise available and at disposal of companies interested in offering their customers an exclusive service.
We act as facilitators and offer, through service excellence, a real competitive advantage and an added value readily measurable.


BLB Service Associates can organize your events all around the world from its inception to delivery, including but not limited to turnkey creative content and "money can't buy" experiences faithful to the spirit, the identity and the values that your company wish to convey.


We cumulate over thirty years of experience in the luxury and the hospitality industries.

Our know-how have been forged among the greatest hotel groups as well as in the most prestigious luxury properties.




Far more than a simple private concierge service, BLB Service Associates has been formed with the ethos that the human element is everything. Therefore, we not only have a transparent dialogue with you, our clients, our relationships with all our vendors and service providers follow the same path.

Both in terms of clients as well as partners, we prefer entities that allow us to foster a more personal relationship.