BLB Service Associates is the sum of experts combining their network and their operational skills stemmed from the luxury hospitality world. The company is born in 2021, out of its founders’ desire to reposition human being at the center of customer service in an ever evolving digital world.

Indeed, client relations and resultant emotional connections are nowadays overshadowed by automated and slotted services.

In order to empower service, BLB Service Associates, through its human dimension, use the digital tools for what they are, a tool, as we are more focused on a healthier and genuine client relationship so as to reflect your company’s personality.

For us, this relational synergy is capable to both satisfy and retain your clients. BLB Service Associates enables clients to appropriate your brand by capitalizing not only in story telling, but also story sharing. Thus, through tailor-made client experiences and by creating continuous human fabric, we convert your client into the hero of your own success story.

This unique, innovative and highly effective approach, coupled with the expertise and skills of BLB Service Associates allows a quantifiable increase of the need to belong to your brand.

Always close, always available, always the provider of solutions, always in your name, BLB Service Associates redefines with you your client relationship.


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In BLB Service Associates, we believe that our combined strengths far exceed our individual capabilities.

Our team is comprised of exceptional professionals, each bringing a unique set of skills, experiences, and perspectives to the table. Together, we form a powerhouse of talent, seamlessly complementing one another to conquer challenges and achieve your success.

The strength of BLB Service Associates lies in the diversity of our skills, the synergy of our efforts, and our shared commitment to excellence.

Together, as we embark on this journey, we are confident that our collaborative efforts will elevate customer satisfaction and solidify our reputation as a team dedicated to delivering unparalleled service.

Team BLB


Jean-Roland Boutillé

Graduate in hospitality marketing and management 30 years ago, Jean-Roland pursued a carrer in iconic luxurious properties in Paris and Geneva.

He became Head Concierge at the age of 24 and was recognized by his peers and honored with les Clefs d’Or in 1999.
His vision, his passion for luxury and service, his natural leadership, his proactivity and his adaptability to all situations gave him the opportunity to serve in a leadership capacity with les Clefs d’Or France, les Clefs d’or Suisse and les Clefs d’Or International for 20 years.

During his professional journey, he successfully developed his global network to serve his VIP guests.
His personal approach and outside the box thinking are now at your disposal to redefine your client relations !

Jérémie Louet

After studying History at La Sorbonne, Jérémie fell in love with the Concierge world and that represents while working in some of the most prestigious hotels in Paris before starting a seasonal career between La Baule and Courchevel.

It is in 2009 that Jérémie settled in Geneva. He joined the Grand Hôtel Kempinski’s Concierge department (now Fairmont) of which he became the Head Concierge during his 14 year tenure.

During his time in Geneva, Jérémie joined Les Clefs d’Or and through his passionate and meticulous approach over the years he served as Geneva Section President, International General Secretary and eventually as the Swiss President.

Jérémie left the hospitality industry in 2023 to apply his skills in the entrepreneurial arena to be able to create BLB Service Associates, therefore placing his expertise at your service.

Mathieu Breton

Native of the west coast of France, Mathieu (an engineering graduate) naturally leaned towards a career in luxury hospitality.

His experiences and the many encounters over the years at Hotel Hermitage La Baule, Hotel Manali Courchevel, Yacht Club Saint Barthelemy, Hotel Mandarin Oriental Geneva, fueled his passion for extraordinary service and the Concierge world.

Recognized by his peers and honored with les Clefs d’Or membership at the age of 24, he continuously served in a leadership capacity both the Geneva Section and Switzerland over the years.

Throughout his professional life, Mathieu has only one goal : the guest satisfaction ! This ethos is one of the cornerstones of BLB Service Associates.